Solar Connect

Solar Connect is a contemporary establishment focusing primarily on solar power installations. We've also created a niche by engaging in the manufacture, supply, wholesale and deals with an array of elite quantity security system, charge controller, power UPS, voltage stabilizer, power and many more.

Think Solar..! Trust Solar Connect..!

Think solar, trust solar connect. We are a contemporary business that has set its eyes on installing solar panels comprehensively as your prerequisite. Our team has been in the industry for the last 5 years and boasts of over 25 years of experience in related skills. The primary intention of Solar Connect is to equip the world with renewable energy. It's quite an aberration at this juncture to even question the necessity and relevance of solar as an effective alternative. Inexhaustible solar energy trumps depletable resources like coal and oil in any given situation. We sincerely aim to meet the rising energy demands that might arise soon and facilitate the world with clean energy.

Premium Reseller

Solar Connect is the premium re-sellers of solar panels and inverters from WAAREE that pledges reliability and trust. Waaree is an internationally acclaimed Indian company that manufactures highly efficient solar panels.

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Think Solar..! Trust Solar Connect..!