How do solar panels work?

Solar energy and panels have been the talk of the town for so long. A layperson would be obvious to the intricacy of the inner workings of solar panels. So, how do these solar panels work?

The sunlight that falls directly on the photovoltaic cells in the panels gets converted to direct current electricity (DC) as the primary step. This DC electricity is then transformed into alternating current electricity (AC) with the aid of an inverter. N-type and P-type semiconductors are used to convert sunlight into beneficial solar energy. As a result of this, the electricity that gets produced is used for consumption and the rest is distributed to the grid or collected in the battery.

The total cost depends a lot on the number of panels you are planning to install. The intended slot for the panels is also crucial in terms of cost. However, solar power is ideally feasible for the customers owing to the price coming down every year.

Does it offer savings?

Did you know that a 5kW rooftop solar system helps us in saving up to 500 units monthly? Need a breakdown of how? Here we go. Let's assume a 1kW system would generate, on average, 4 units per day. So, a 5kW would be generating 20 kW per day.

SOURA is a subsidy program for domestic consumers of KSEB and it aims to give financial support to the weaker section thereby making them green energy partner of the state. Take a look at this. A 3kW model rate begins at Rs. 1,62,000.

This is the benchmark cost determined by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. However, the consumer is provided with a 12% subsidy, which means, he will have to pay just Rs. 19,440. The model has a monthly production capacity of 360 units. The consumer is eligible for 25% of this, i.e.; 90 units. In short, if the bimonthly consumption of electricity by a consumer comes below 180, the unit charge becomes zero. This is just one model the KSEB has and they have multiple options too which you can take a gander.

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